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experience coastal virginia with the Harvest Feast Multi-day food tour

The ultimate in cuisine and culture comes together in the multiple-day harvest feast from Coastal Food Tours of Virginia.

The experiential Food Tour will bring you throughout the coastal Virginia region, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Smithfield, the Eastern Shore and in and out of the area to have a first hand experience of the culture and cuisine.

Experience the diversity and range of Coastal Virginia's cuisine while enjoying breathtaking scenery during a four-day journey through the Coastal Virginia area, including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore, Smithfield, and Surry. Meet fishermen, farmers, winemakers, and learn about the products they grow, harvest from the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the fertile lands throughout the area.

Taste specially-made products originating from the region, and meet the local entrepreneurs that work timelessly to perfect and promote them.

Enjoy trips to farms, vineyards, peanut plants, local production plants, and markets.

For the finale of the tour, toast and savor the moments of the adventure with a harvest feast where local chefs and farmers come together to prepare a meal that brings together the essence of Coastal Virginia's cuisine and time-honored culinary traditions, as well as everything you tried along the way.

5:00-6:30pm    Welcome to the beach

Get acquainted with the beach and the week ahead while dining on fresh grilled fare and other specialties at the critically acclaimed family run restaurant located in the heart of the boardwalk.

7:30-9:00pm    Cocktail mixer

Enjoy specially-created cocktails and hors d'oeuvres overlooking the beach

8:00-9:15am    Breakfast

9:25-9:45am    Tour of the Chesapeake Bay

Glean a fresh perspective of the Chesapeake as we cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and head to the Eastern Shore.

10:00-11:15am    Aqua Farm Tour

Explore a piece of the Chesapeake Bay heritage and take a hands-on tour of the aqua farm with an optional boat excursion.

11:25-12:15pm    Lunch

Meet the executive chef while enjoying seafood specialties at the hottest new restaurant in Cape Charles.

12:20-2:00pm    Dessert, Drinks, and Tour through Cape Charles

Take a stroll on the quaint streets of Cape Charles and stop at the family run coffee shop for dessert.

2:30-5:00pm    Chatham Winery

Meet the owners of the award winning winery, as they give you a personal tour through the facilities. After the tour, enjoy a variety of wines paired with locally sourced oysters, and other light local dishes.

5:30-7:15pm    Beer and BBQ on the Bay

Enjoy sweeping views of the Chesapeake, along with Virginia style BBQ while relaxing at the only restaurant located on the bay bridge.

7:30-8:30am    Catered Continental Breakfast

Enjoy a continental breakfast featuring local produce, baked goods, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea.

8:45-10:15am    Free Time

Enjoy the morning with some free time or indulge in any of our optional activities such as charter fishing or parasailing.

10:30am-2:30pm    Harvest Feast

The culmination of the past four days will lead to a full day feast held in a fully-restored historic Virgina Beach manor. This interactive and engaging feast is the bounty of the entire week at one table--a celebration of the experiences gained along the way.

Savor dishes which are prepared using ingredients from all the places we have visited throughout the week. Take the opportunity to assist the chefs in preparing the dishes and eat alongside the farmers for one ultimate feast, concluding your five-day adventure.

The Harvest Feast Food Tour will feature the following experiences:

  • Scenic dinner at a restaurant in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
  • Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and eating today's catch for dinner
  • Wine tasting and appreciation from a picturesque vineyard
  • Visits to family run farms, tours through historic towns and villages along the coast
  • Getting a first hand look at the tradition of preparing Virginia peanuts
  • A visit to an aqua farm
  • An in-depth look at tasting and curing Virginia ham
  • A trip through Rowena's cake factory
  • Lunch at several historic restaurants
  • Granby Street Food Tour
  • Trip through the Virginia Beach Farmers Market and dinner with an award winning chef

Harvest Feast Tours are available nearly any week of the year for private groups. Additionally, Harvest Feast Food Tours are regularly scheduled throughout the year. Please call our office at 757-320-2371 or check food tour availability for more information and to book your Food Tour today

8:00-9:00am    Catered Continental Breakfast

Enjoy a continental breakfast featuring local produce, baked goods, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea.

9:15-10:15am    Cape Henry

Tour the lighthouses and historic Cape Henry while learning about the First Foodies of America.

10:40am-1:20pm    Taste of the Market

Experience the region's largest farmers market. The market contains goods brought in from farmers all around the region. Your guide will bring you throughout the market to meet the vendors and sample their specialties. From ice cream to baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and meats, the Virginia Beach Farmers market has it all. You will then enjoy a specially created lunch at the market diner.

1:45-3:15pm    Afternoon on the Farm

Visit one of the area's traditional farms. Meet the owners and learn how they are preserving their heritage while utilizing modern techniques to ensure the best products possible. Walk the fields to see, touch and taste the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

3:45-5:30pm    Free Time

Take a break by the boardwalk or join in on some optional activities such as taffy pulling or a special popcorn tasting.

6:00-7:45pm    Dinner

Enjoy an intimate dinner at Rudee Inlet with the owners of the Virginia Beach favorite ­ Rockafellar's. As special guests, you will enjoy the owner's favorite dishes paired with Virginia wines in their private dining area.

7:30-8:00am    Catered continental breakfast

Enjoy a continental breakfast featuring local produce, baked goods, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea.

8:30-9:30am    Visit Rowena's

Rowena's has been producing award winning cakes and sundries for the past 25 years. It has been featured on the Food Network, Bon Appétit and the Today Show, to name a few. You will take a tour of the Norfolk-based facility and see how they make their delicious goods. After the tour, you will enjoy a variety of their cakes and other premium items.

10:20am-1:00pm    Smithfield Food Tour

Step into the Smithfield Food Tour, and discover the authentic flavor of this charming town and the foods that put Virginia on the culinary map. Eat your way through history with ham biscuits, peanuts, and a hearty helping of country snacks. Learn about the historic buildings dating back several hundred years in this charming, preserved town.

1:30-3:00pm    Darden's Country Store

After eating your way through town, you travel several miles out of town and visit one of the last traditional Virginia ham producers in the country: Darden's Country Store. At Darden's, you will learn about the curing process, and see how the hams are stored and preserved from the family that has continued the time honored tradition. You will sample cured ham specialty paired with fresh grown fruits.

4:00-6:00pm    Free Time

Take time to explore the area, relax by the water, or sightsee. Optional excursions through Norfolk and the surrounding area are available.

7:00-8:30    Cocktails Overlooking the Beach.

This optional event brings together classic cocktails and small plates in the Virginia Beach historic gem, the Hotel Cavalier.

Coastal Harvest Feast Prices

2015 Pricing without lodging

  • 5 day event: $449 per person
  • 4 day event: $349 per person
  • 3 day event: $210 per person
  • 2 day event: $140 per person
  • 1 day event: $79 per person

Price includes fully guided tour, all food, taxes, restaurant gratuities, and all attraction entrance fees.

Price does not include alcohol unless specifically stated, transportation, lodging, or tour guide gratuity.

2015 Pricing with lodging*

  • 5 day event: $800 per person (4 nights)
  • 4 day event: $724 per person (3 nights)
  • 3 day event: $460 per person (2 nights)
  • 2 day event: $275 per person (1 night)
  • 1 day event: $79 per person (no hotel stay)

*Lodging is for a double occupancy room, and is subject to change based on availability and season.

Price includes fully guided tour, all food, taxes, restaurant gratuities, and all attraction entrance fees.

Price does not include alcohol unless specifically stated, transportation, or tour guide gratuity.