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Evening Dine Arounds in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

The Coastal Food Tours Dine Around is a fully customizable version of a Food Tour that brings together history, architecture, culture and cuisine on the Boardwalk, through Town Center, Granby, or Ghent.

Our specially trained guides will bring you through the neighborhood or neighborhoods of your choice as you learn about its rich and varied history.

Enjoy a multi-course progressive meal that will expand and challenge the palette with an array of flavors, tastes, and textures.

The Coastal Food Tours Dine Around provides the flexibility for customization not found on our standard public Food Tours.

Change the number and type of restaurants, the length, the starting time, and ending time of the Food Tour to suit the specific desires of any size group.

Your Dine Around may include the following:

  • A six course progressive meal held at three critically acclaimed family-run restaurants_
  • Local ingredients used in a variety of cooking techniques and styles_
  • Eclectic courses can be specially paired with regional beer or wine selections (additional charges apply)_
  • Fully guided historic, cultural, architectural walking tour included

Currently our evening Dine Around may only be reserved for private groups, requiring advance reservations. Group sizes may be as small as 2 and large as 200. A Coastal Food Tours Dine Around is available all week long.